Try Again

"Shouldnta left you without a dope beat to step to..."


My Morning Routine

Successful people have been sharing their morning/daily routines forever -- a classic case is Thomas Jefferson -- but of late our obsessions with these regiments border on mania, as evidenced by the seemingly endless lifestyle listicles. See this, this, this, get it. As Americans, we love the notion that if we tick off certain boxes everything will come [...]


Hey y'all, it's been a minute, nice to see you. A LOT has happened, which is why you haven't heard from me in a few weeks. Last week I moved into an apartment of my own, that I get to decorate to my liking and enjoy with my little dog. I made my first meal [...]



Oh what a week it's been, y'all. In the past seven days I have acted in my first three shows for the Murder Mystery Company  (in three different themes/scripts, I might add) and attended an open call for Hamilton: An American Musical. As I write this, I am between rehearsals for this week's MMC shows. This is [...]



My dreams for 2016 are informed by a hodgepodge of influences: coming-of-age montages, moments of sappy-ooey-gooey in romantic indie films, the wonders of female friendship, hashtags including #blackout #melaninonfleek and #blackgirlmagic, and basically all of Pinterest. In 2016 I want to sit on the floor of my empty first apartment, eating Indian delivery and re-watching [...]


Sundays Are For Readers

Is there anything better than curling up in your comfiest clothes with a good-e-reader or real life-book? Maybe there's a fire crackling on real wood or with the aid of gas, maybe your puppy is nestled by your side, maybe rain is tap tap tapping on the window sill. Or perhaps chilly clear streaks of [...]



Where did October go? Was it not just June? How is it that a whole year slips by in the space of a breath, yet one minute can last for decades? I am convinced that time is elastic, or, at least, I tell myself it is to find solace from that stubborn "2 months ago" [...]