My Accidental Hiatus

I was tired this month. So tired. And sniffly, and sometimes a little down. It's February, and although I did not have to face the bitter cold my East Coast friends are suffering in, there is an odd malaise that settled in nonetheless. The shortness of the month is always startling, work was stressful (but still [...]


I haven't posted in a week, but that's ok because like Kendrick Lamar, I still love myself. Here, have some Sunday Reads, y'all. ~ "Feminist or a Womanist" by Staceyann Chinn. She is brilliant, powerful, and is giving me major fro envy. "Fifth Avenue, Uptown" by James Baldwin. A beautiful essay about how his neighborhood had changed [...]

Uptown Funk

For black history month, I thought it would be nice to focus on black theatre (although, really, when do I not?). So for this week's edition of Theatre News/Worldly Wednesday, I've chosen a city a little closer to home: Detroit. Once known for its booming industry and lively arts scene (Motown, anyone?) Detroit has struggled to [...]


Go Pats!

Today's a big day: we celebrate both Super Bowl Sunday and the start of Black History Month. Not to mention Langston Hughes' 113th birthday! I'm rooting for the Patriots (we lived in the Boston area for a few years that happened to be some of their winningest sports-wise) and am lucky enough to be able to [...]