Try Again

"Shouldnta left you without a dope beat to step to..."


How to Fend Off A Dreary Mood

Guess who's back? Back from a Christmas trip to Dublin, Edinburgh, and London (pics coming soon!), back to the swing of things, and back to blogging? This gal! Happy New Year, loyal readers, I've missed you. But I have to admit I'm in a bit of a funk. Does anyone else find January to be [...]

It Happened Here

Yesterday, I had a plan to keep my mind off the election and find some perspective. It didn't work. I dropped off my absentee ballot, then went to Bikram Yoga to chill out and blow off some steam. I then started an hours-long cooking project, braised beef ragu, and left the succulent sauce cooking in [...]


October Rituals

Rituals are a hallmark of what makes us human. Whether they take the form of a tea ceremony, a coming-of-age dance, or a Sunday supper, they help us center on the things most important to us. And in times of stress, tumult, or change, they ground us. Though spring and summer promise lighthearted celebrations like musical festivals and fireworks, fall [...]


My Morning Routine

Successful people have been sharing their morning/daily routines forever -- a classic case is Thomas Jefferson -- but of late our obsessions with these regiments border on mania, as evidenced by the seemingly endless lifestyle listicles. See this, this, this, get it. As Americans, we love the notion that if we tick off certain boxes everything will come [...]



Hey y'all, it's been a minute, nice to see you. A LOT has happened, which is why you haven't heard from me in a few weeks. Last week I moved into an apartment of my own, that I get to decorate to my liking and enjoy with my little dog. I made my first meal [...]


The Happiest Theatre On Earth

I'm sitting in the airport after a girls weekend in LA with my mom, sister, and my sister's good friend. It was a wonderful weekend, filled with food, sleep, and quality bonding time. We also went to Disneyland and Universal Studios, which I always enjoy because I believe you are never too old to play. [...]