Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

Last weekend, I went on a road trip to Ashland, Oregon with my dad for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ashland is this little town juuuust north of the California-Oregon border. It's nestled in a mountain valley, and is the kind of place that smells of pine trees, and as one motel put it, "toasty fires." Its [...]

When You’re Home

This past weekend, I hopped on a plane and hung out with my family in St. Louis for my Granny's birthday. It is always so wonderful to back home, enveloped in the love and nostalgia of the place I grew up in. Whenever I come to St. Louis, I feel like Dorothy again. I spend [...]

On Trying to be a Real, Grown-up, Functioning Adult

After graduating college back in May, I've been trying really hard to be a grown-up. Every fiber of my artsy, creative soul rebels against things like "budgeting" and "sleep schedules" and "dress pants." However, day-by-day I am mastering the art of being a competent, responsible, grown-up human. I cook for myself  on a regular basis, [...]

Weekend Update

I have more than usual to tell you this week. First of all, it was my sister's birthday on Wednesday, so you should probably go check out her YouTube channel. And happy fall! I for one will be making lots of pumpkin-y things and watching Halloween movies (even though its 3000 degrees in the Bay Area). [...]