Weekend Update

I have more than usual to tell you this week. First of all, it was my sister’s birthday on Wednesday, so you should probably go check out her YouTube channel. And happy fall! I for one will be making lots of pumpkin-y things and watching Halloween movies (even though its 3000 degrees in the Bay Area).

Second of all, I attended my very first press opening, for 42nd Street Moon’s “Do I Hear a Waltz?” It was fun to finally put faces to the names I’ve been hearing for the past six weeks! Starring Broadway’s Emily Skinner (Side Show, Billy Elliot), the show is the first and only collaboration between Richard Rodgers, Stephen Sondheim, and Arthur Laurents. Its about a woman who goes to Venice to find love/adventure/meaning (don’t we all?) I thought it was beautiful and fun and surprisingly sad. Emily was brilliant and absolutely gorgeous, and the entire cast seemed to be having so much fun. And this makes play number 9! (PR plug: for tickets and more information, visit http://www.42ndstmoon.org/waltz-2014) Plus, I got to wear this skirt I’ve been saving for a special occasion, so there’s that.

And finally, a week overdue, my reactions (in brief) on the fall TV I’ve watched, as a follow-up to this post.


Sleepy Hollow: Still love it. It’s still scary, surprising, and funny. Ichabod’s struggles with the 21st century never cease to amuse.

The Blacklist: It’s sitting in my DVR. Oops.  In my defense, I get so sleepy on Monday nights!


black-ish: I sort of hate it. I think it’s unfunny and over-the-top. I think its meant to be commentary on racism and assimilation, but it really feels like a dumb show about an uninteresting family. Anthony Anderson is flat-out mean to Tracee Ellis Ross (calling her not really a black woman? seriously?) and her character is pretty flat.  I’m not really a sitcom person, so maybe I’m being too harsh? But I was very disappointed.


Literally everything. #TGIT is the realest hashtag that a marketing team has ever created.

Scandal: Mellie. Grant. People have been complaining about the fact that Mellie has been mourning too long, but I think its the realest thing on the whole show. Bellamy Young is beautiful and heart-wrenching, and still manages to squeeze in some classic biting quips. And Olivia is back y’all. White suits and all.

How to Get Away with Murder: Oh my. Viola, Viola, Viola. Angry black woman my patootie. Annalise Keating is intelligent, ruthless, loving, confident, insecure,  both fearful and fearless. This show is most likely the best new network drama this season. LOVE IT.


Outlander: The season finale was last Saturday, and it doesn’t come back until April 4 😦 😦 😦


Once Upon a Time: The premiere was lukewarm. Hoping the Frozen storyline becomes less tepid. It’s a little fluffy right now, where are those good old OUAT dark edges?

That’s all folks. Anything else I should be watching? I’ve caught snippets of Gotham because it comes on before Sleepy Hollow, but it doesn’t seem super interesting. And anyone seen any of those rom coms like A to Z or Manhattan Love Story? I loveeeee romantic movies, but I don’t know if I’d like it in a show. Let me know in the comments!

Love and theatre


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