A Loving Note of Concerns to The Creators of My Favorite Netflix Series

[NOTE: Light Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt spoilers ahead! If you haven't finished the series yet, you've been warned.] To Creators of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: After watching both seasons of your show I have one question: why must you sully an otherwise effervescent, delightful, and sharply funny show with racist nonsense? Is it too much of a burden to write [...]

It's Friday! More importantly, there are only six days left til Christmas! Also, Happy Hanukkah to all those who observe. Even though I'm not Jewish, I think the sentiment of faith and determination behind Hanukkah is something everyone can take to heart. Feeling festive,  I tried to make latkes for the first time the other [...]

Weekend Update

I have more than usual to tell you this week. First of all, it was my sister's birthday on Wednesday, so you should probably go check out her YouTube channel. And happy fall! I for one will be making lots of pumpkin-y things and watching Halloween movies (even though its 3000 degrees in the Bay Area). [...]

Confessions of a TV-holic

Some might call it an addiction. I call it an endless source of joy. I am in an undying love affair with TV. I love binge-watching old series on Netflix, re-watching my favorite episodes of Scandal (Season 1, episode 6, "The Trail"). I love watching live and catching up over the weekend. I do read [...]