A Loving Note of Concerns to The Creators of My Favorite Netflix Series

[NOTE: Light Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt spoilers ahead! If you haven't finished the series yet, you've been warned.] To Creators of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: After watching both seasons of your show I have one question: why must you sully an otherwise effervescent, delightful, and sharply funny show with racist nonsense? Is it too much of a burden to write [...]

It's Friday! More importantly, there are only six days left til Christmas! Also, Happy Hanukkah to all those who observe. Even though I'm not Jewish, I think the sentiment of faith and determination behind Hanukkah is something everyone can take to heart. Feeling festive,  I tried to make latkes for the first time the other [...]

Confessions of a TV-holic

Some might call it an addiction. I call it an endless source of joy. I am in an undying love affair with TV. I love binge-watching old series on Netflix, re-watching my favorite episodes of Scandal (Season 1, episode 6, "The Trail"). I love watching live and catching up over the weekend. I do read [...]