Plays To Read By Women of Color

Whether you're looking to build your monologue repertoire, searching for plays to direct when theatres reopen, or just finding ways to pass the time, it's always a good time to read a play by a woman of color. As outlined in this great Daily Beast article, we are underrepresented and underproduced in the theatre, and [...]

Best Online Resources For Actors

Actors are struggling right now. Well, we're all struggling right now. But actors have not only been booted off the stage, but many of us who work in the service industry are also out of a day job. I have been lucky enough to already do the majority of my work from home, so I [...]

The Musicals Getting Me Through

I have often called theatre my church. It is the place I go to for transcendence -- the communal experience makes me feel more connected to my own humanity. I love live theatre, be it Shakespeare in the Park or a black box solo performance, and musical theatre holds a particular place in my heart. [...]