The Penultimate Post

Hello dearest readers, it is with great relief that I bid 2014 adieu. It was a tumultuous year, filled with some of the greatest joy and most terrible sorrow I have ever felt. My resolutions are simple: to love and listen to myself and others, to be kind to my body with exercise, water, veggies, and [...]

All I Want for Christmas

First of all, I'd like to start this post by acknowledging how difficult the holidays can be for people suffering from depression, dealing with grief and other mental and emotional burdens. Christmasttime can feel very, very dreary for those who are not feeling up to all the holly jolly. Here is a pretty good article [...]

It's Friday! More importantly, there are only six days left til Christmas! Also, Happy Hanukkah to all those who observe. Even though I'm not Jewish, I think the sentiment of faith and determination behind Hanukkah is something everyone can take to heart. Feeling festive,  I tried to make latkes for the first time the other [...]

All Aboard the Struggle Bus

It's Wednesday! We're halfway through the week and thaaaat much closer to the weekend and to Christmas. Those of you in finals mode right now, I will try to restrain my self-satisfied grin and offer you my sincerest condolences. In honor the finals struggle bus, and really anyone else who is having trouble focusing though [...]

Bay Area Holiday Theatre!

Happy Tuesday everyone! (She says with sleepy hope over her third cup of black tea). December is chock-full of holiday arts, and last weekend I was able to see two of the most inventive Christmas shows the Bay Area has to offer. Play number 14: Friday, December 5, I saw Brian Copeland's "The Jewelry Box" [...]