Run, Boy, Run

I feel like I ought to tell you all a little bit more about how I see this blog progressing in the future. As you may have gathered, I love theatre and have a voracious appetite for travel (hence world+plays). The difficulty  of this is that I can't always be traveling. But I can always have [...]


Confessions of a TV-holic

Some might call it an addiction. I call it an endless source of joy. I am in an undying love affair with TV. I love binge-watching old series on Netflix, re-watching my favorite episodes of Scandal (Season 1, episode 6, "The Trail"). I love watching live and catching up over the weekend. I do read [...]

10 Things You Learn REAL Fast in PR

In case you don't know, I've been working at a performing arts PR firm in the Bay Area for about a month now. PR isn't my background, but I had experience in writing and theatre so I jumped right into this field that was entirely new to me. As with any "first real job", there [...]



Hello all! I realized that some of you might be wondering who I am or what this is, so I've an about me page as well as some other goodies. Check it out. Last weekend my parents were out of town (yep, I live at home, #freerent) so my little sister and I had a [...]


Happy International Literacy Day

Read. Because you are able. Because so many, literally 1 billion people, cannot. Because there is no problem that has been had, no thought that has ever been thought, that has not been written in a book. Read because it's good for your imagination. Read because its good for your brain. Read because its fun. [...]


Inch by “Angry Inch”

Hello everyone! I've been really getting into the swing of things this week--new assignments at work, starting the blogilates September calendar (which is killing me by the way), and getting back into eating clean! Still working on the whole "getting enough sleep" thing. Slowly but surely, I'm growing out of the 11am-4am schedule I had [...]