Hello all! I realized that some of you might be wondering who I am or what this is, so I’ve an about me page as well as some other goodies. Check it out.

Last weekend my parents were out of town (yep, I live at home, #freerent) so my little sister and I had a fun girls weekend. We didn’t throw any wild parties, but we did go see a great play. This makes #8 since I started this endeavor (full list here).  “Semi-Famous: Hell Tales from the Middle” is comedian Don Reed’s new solo show.  Staged at the Marsh Theater in Berkeley (and moving to The Marsh SF this weekend), the show was very fun. Some of the older references went over our youthful, uninformed heads, but Don is seriously skilled at his craft. His facial expressions and sound manipulations are spot on and animated, and his knack for storytelling puts you right in the room. Don’s humorous accounts of his years in Hollywood range from hysterical, to shocking, to outright sad.

I am fascinated with solo performance (I somehow ended up doing a solo piece for my senior thesis) and it certainly takes a lot of talent to hold an audience for 90 minutes. We left happy, and Don is such a gracious performing, doling out hand shakes and hugs as the audience left (plus he complimented my hair, so…). It was a great way to kick off the weekend.

The rest of the weekend was a thrilling combination of pizza, shopping, and girl talk. It’s an awful lot of fun having a sister, 10/10 would recommend. Shameless plug, the amazing baby sis is YouTubing now.  She does fashion and beauty vids and is adorably funny while doing them. Not that I’m biased.

This week I’ve continued learning as much as I can about PR, while still doing my best to get writing done. It’s a balancing act, but one I’m learning to master.

Love and theatre,


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