Sundays Are For Readers

Is there anything better than curling up in your comfiest clothes with a good-e-reader or real life-book? Maybe there's a fire crackling on real wood or with the aid of gas, maybe your puppy is nestled by your side, maybe rain is tap tap tapping on the window sill. Or perhaps chilly clear streaks of [...]

Sunday Evenin’ Blues

Sundays are funny because they are tinged with both optimism (how glorious--a brand new week!) and mild panic (oh no, I wasted my whole weekend on Netflix and tumblr!) Either way, the bittersweet endnote to the week was made for reading, and that's just what I'll do. In other news, it's sunny and gorgeous here in Cali, [...]

The Start of Something New

Helloooooo 2015! If you're tired of "Best of 2014" lists, here is some fresh new writing to get your week started. This short, sweet essay from The Rumpus about the ways in which a loving little baby and a heartbroken grown woman took care of one another. Celeste Ng's recent article for Salon, on the vast yet much-overlooked [...]