Sunday Evenin’ Blues

Sundays are funny because they are tinged with both optimism (how glorious–a brand new week!) and mild panic (oh no, I wasted my whole weekend on Netflix and tumblr!) Either way, the bittersweet endnote to the week was made for reading, and that’s just what I’ll do. In other news, it’s sunny and gorgeous here in Cali, and I apologize to my East coast readers for gloating. I just can’t get over the fact that I can go out in a dress, sans tights I might add, in the “dead of winter.” I digress.


I recently subscribed to the free recommended reading newsletter from Electric Literature (an online literary magazine/digital publishing platform), and the first story they sent me was this fun, easy-to-read piece by Arthur Bradford.

In another attempt to become more literary, I joined a book club this month. Our first book was When Mystical Creatures Attack by Kathleen Founds, a bizarre, gorgeous collection of short fiction centering on the lives of several quirky, complex citizens of one small Texas town. It’s delightfully weird, and the author is coming to our book club meeting! I have so many questions for her.

Because I send a lot of emails, these (possibly tongue-in-cheek) suggestions for a more interesting vacation message was particularly funny to me.

Did you know Kelis put out an awesome album in 2014? I didn’t. But apparently people are heralding it as the most underrated album of the year. From the little I’ve heard, it certainly sounds like she’s grown a lot since her “Milkshake” days.

Andy Borowitz’s spot-on and hilarious commentary on many politicians’ resistance to giving workers more days paid leave.


Did you read anything fabulous or unmissable this week? Let me know. Some of my 2015 goals/life-in-general goals are to read an write voraciously. Suggestions wholeheartedly welcome.

Love and theatre,


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