How to Fend Off A Dreary Mood

Guess who’s back? Back from a Christmas trip to Dublin, Edinburgh, and London (pics coming soon!), back to the swing of things, and back to blogging? This gal! Happy New Year, loyal readers, I’ve missed you. But I have to admit I’m in a bit of a funk. Does anyone else find January to be the absolute worst month of the year? It’s a 30-day crash after the frenetic sugar high of the holidays. To add insult to injury, it’s been raining non-stop for the past three days. Sure there’s a drought and rain is important or whatever, but that won’t stop me from being as grumpy as I please.

The pouring rain suits Edinburgh. Cobblestoned streets, towering castles, and gothic cathedrals only grow more mystical shrouded in a stormy curtain. But pouring rain in Bay Area traffic? Nothing but glum.

However, that pesky optimism and can-do attitude of mine have got the better of my dour mood. What ambitious 21st-century woman has time to let the weather get in the way of her goals? Here are a few ways to kick the winter blues in the patootie and get on with your life, goshdarnit:

  1. Paint your nails coral, because sticking to seasonal color rules is so 2016.
  2. Look back proudly at your tastefully braggy IG posts from Europe. You are so cosmopolitan.
  3. Drink a big cup of tea. Cream and sugar too, if you must.
  4. Read an actual paper novel, infinite fictional worlds weighty in your hands.
  5. Listen to an irreverent and silly podcast.
  6. Make a big green salad that makes you grateful for the plant-growing powers of rain
  7. Cuddle with your dog and give thanks that the evidence of her recent bath has not been destroyed by the downpour.
  8. Wear your cutest, cuddliest socks.
  9. Put on cheap wedge booties to feel a little thrill of glamor without being too precious about it.
  10. Leave your Christmas lights up for just a couple more nights (or forever).


And would you look at that, it seems the sun has come out this morning.

Love and theatre,



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