A Christmas Photo Story

This Christmas, we took a trip to Dublin, Edinburgh, and London. It was magical and reignited my creativity. Here is a snapshot of our life-changing journey.

Malahide Castle, Dublin Co., Ireland



Inch Abbey, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, UK. An ancient church that served as a backdrop for several scenes in the season one finale of Game of Thrones.
One of countless cute streets in the Grassmarket District, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.  Edinburgh is my new favorite city.
This is the tower that Bran Stark was thrown off in Game of Thrones 🙊
A “candid” of me at Hula Cafe in Edinburgh. Great food, super cute decor.
Me and my baby sister at Holyrood House in Edinburgh. The queen’s residence when she visits Scotland’s capital.
Newgrange, Ireland. A 5000 year-old ceremonial mound made of stone and earth. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. No pics allowed inside, but suffice to say it was humbling.
Ancient Celtic Crosses, Louth, Ireland.
Salisbury Cathedral. Tallest spire in Britain.
The Christmas tree at the Ritz in London, where we had high tea on December 26 🙂 This is the day we went to Harrod’s, stopped at La Duree for macarons, and watched “The Phantom of the Opera.” Not a bad ending to a wonderful trip.


That’s all for now dear readers! I hope you are enjoying your 2017.

Love and theatre,

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