It Happened Here

Yesterday, I had a plan to keep my mind off the election and find some perspective. It didn’t work.

I dropped off my absentee ballot, then went to Bikram Yoga to chill out and blow off some steam. I then started an hours-long cooking project, braised beef ragu, and left the succulent sauce cooking in the oven while I went to rehearsal for a murder mystery show later this week.

The ragu was delicious. But the day would not be salvaged. Yesterday, what many thought impossible happened. The United States of America elected an openly racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, xenophobic man with no military or government experience to the highest office of the land. And with a Republican majority in the House and the Senate, many folks (who aren’t white, cis, heterosexual men) fear for their rights. Many folks fear for their lives.

If more than half the country voted for such a man, and won, who’s to say they won’t feel emboldened to intimidate the minorities and immigrants they perceive as a threat? To “take their country back?” After all, their candidate actively encouraged violence at his rallies.

It’s easy to feel hopeless. I felt hopeless. I had nightmares of dystopia last night. I cried last night. A lot of people cried last night. Immigrants and children of immigrants who fear their parents will be deported. Queer folks who fear the loss of their rights, so hard won, so far still to go. People of color who fear increased racialized violence. So many of us are afraid and sad and unspeakably angry. Despair comes to mind.

But the sky is still above us, the sun is still shining. Take a breath, hug your loved ones, light a candle, drink water, pray. Today we mourn. Tomorrow we fight.

Love and theatre,

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