I haven’t posted in a week, but that’s ok because like Kendrick Lamar, I still love myself. Here, have some Sunday Reads, y’all.


“Feminist or a Womanist” by Staceyann Chinn. She is brilliant, powerful, and is giving me major fro envy.

“Fifth Avenue, Uptown” by James Baldwin. A beautiful essay about how his neighborhood had changed and remained the same throughout the years. It feels stunningly universal.

“Which #BlackLivesMatter?” from MSNBC.

“There’s No Such Thing as Radical Islam. There are Only Terrorists Who are Muslim.” This is such an important article.

“Terrible Books For Ruining Children’s Health” by Dean Burnett for The Guardian. A very funny piece of satire about the very frightening reality of the anti-vax movement.


That’s it for now. I’m currently having the laziest of weekends and feeling very grateful to have Monday off. I’ll probably make some brownies later. Hope you all enjoy your weeks!

Love and theatre


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