Where did October go? Was it not just June? How is it that a whole year slips by in the space of a breath, yet one minute can last for decades? I am convinced that time is elastic, or, at least, I tell myself it is to find solace from that stubborn “2 months ago” timestamp on my last post.

I want to write more. I have so much writing in me that my fingers trip over themselves and my brain cannot catch up to the images and letters and emotions I feel. My heart is an ink well (as if I’ve ever seen one.) The words slip from my grasp, but my sympathetic nervous system buzzes on, riddled with untold stories.

More words are coming, like the swells of El Niño. Maybe writer’s block, or the perilously distracting modern world, or a never-ending catalogue of excuses are my own miniature droughts. The rains are coming.

All this to say, I am making an early 2016 resolution to write early and often. (Or perhaps midday and often, because waking up is hard.)

❤ and theatre (and whimsical little posts),


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