We’re Here

These are dark days in our United States. The constant barrage of violence in the 24-hour-news-cycle only serves to compound our trauma and grief. For Black America it can be hard to go on with this feeling that we are under attack. It is imperative that we take time for self care, for loving one-another, [...]



Oh what a week it's been, y'all. In the past seven days I have acted in my first three shows for the Murder Mystery Company  (in three different themes/scripts, I might add) and attended an open call for Hamilton: An American Musical. As I write this, I am between rehearsals for this week's MMC shows. This is [...]

Another Scottish Tragedy

"I have no spur/To prick the sides of my intent, but only/Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself/And falls on the other— "-Macbeth, Macbeth, I.vii. "They think me Macbeth, ambition is my folly. I'm a polymath, a pain in the ass, a massive pain. Madison is Banquo, Jefferson's Macduff, and Birnam Wood is Congress on its way to [...]

I Left My Heart In New York City

I feel revitalized after an amazing weekend in New York. My family agreed to an MLK weekend trip to New York City, mostly because they love me. We saw The Color Purple and Hamilton. Cynthia Erivo's clarion-voiced Celie stopped my heart more times than I can count. This is the third cast I've seen perform The Color Purple, and the [...]

A Note On April Showers and The Awakening of Spring

Ah, spring. Your playlists gets a little lighter, a little more nostalgic. The flowers are blooming (like the pretty purple buds that put up a good fight on your desk-RIP). Rain trickles from clouds so fluffy you swear they were mashed potatoes in another life. The family of quail that lives in your neighborhood scurries by, little top-feathers [...]