The Slings And Arrows of Tech Week

Tech/hell week for Hamlet (and every show) has felt like college finals. We huddled together in mutual disarray, wondering if we would make it through. Somehow, we always do.

This is such a fraught time for everyone involved in a production. The stress and excitement have a way of pushing us to our limits – performances we never knew were in us, scenes that come together miraculously. Tensions flare amongst artists, an especially volatile and emotional species. I love tech week. I like being so busy I scarcely have time to eat. I love watching a show come to life before my eyes. I love the closeness (however fleeting) forged during the successive hours spent with my fellow actors.


Credit: the-tabby-witch on Tumblr


But it does exhaust me emotionally and physically. To stay grounded, I eat as well as I can, sleep as much as possible, and refill my water bottle religiously. I keep lavender oil in my bag for bouts of anxiety and smelly subway commutes. I start taking zinc in the morning and swallow raw honey at night. Finding time to decompress is a tech week essential. Last Sunday’s Game of Thrones premiere was a special treat and this weekend I have a movie date with my mom; Monsoon Wedding and Indian delivery.

Tonight is our preview performance of Hamlet. On Monday I wasn’t sure we would be ready. But here we are, with a whole entire beautiful play ready to meet the world. I’m playing Horatio, an earnest and sweet man with the most complicated best friend ever. The actors in this show inspire me every day. From the absurdly regal Kathryn Wood as Gertrude to the delightful Myles Winn and Alan Quismorio as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, each performer is perfectly cast. And don’t get me started on Lijesh Krishnan’s powerful performance as the Dane himself. Wow.

If you’re in the Bay Area, do come see us! Click here for tickets.

Love and theater,

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