I Left My Heart In New York City

I feel revitalized after an amazing weekend in New York. My family agreed to an MLK weekend trip to New York City, mostly because they love me. We saw The Color Purple and Hamilton. Cynthia Erivo’s clarion-voiced Celie stopped my heart more times than I can count. This is the third cast I’ve seen perform The Color Purple, and the minimalist set of this revival really allowed the actors and characters to sparkle. And come on Danielle Brooks! The Orange is the New Black actress tore it up with her earth-shattering and hilarious performance of Sofia. This production was like going to theatre and church and a family reunion all at once.

As for Hamilton, my world will never be the same. There are approximately 1 million people who’ve said it better than I can, but this show is unlike anything that’s ever been on Broadway before. Sharp, fast-paced, and beautifully choreographed, this lyrical masterpiece also has the nerve to be an emotionally resonant sob-fest. The cast album came out in September and I’m still discovering new things at each listening. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of learning to write musicals, an idea that is quickly forming into a legitimate goal. Also, both of my parents are now listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. Welcome to the cult, y’all!

I also got to catch up with several of my closest friends, including meeting the new wifey of one of my ride-or-dies. I had chicken and waffles with a fabulous cousin I hadn’t seen in years, too-expensive cocktails at an inclosed roof top bar, stayed out past 3am at a bar playing both Kanye and Elvis, and participated in an impromptu Duane Reade photoshoot. Boy, do I love New York City — almost as much as I love the people I met there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the family and friends that made this weekend a treasure.

So much love and so much theatre,

(PS, the view from the aforementioned rooftop bar is seen in the featured image.)

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