We All Matter

Hey y’all, hope your weekend is going well! Today I think it’s important to celebrate the wonderful women in the world, but also to honor those of us who have been lost due transphobia, racism, sexism, and other deeply destructive aspects of our society. Today we pay homage to women of all colors, creeds, sexual and national identities who are undeniably smart, brave, and badass. But today we also remember that every single one of us matters, regardless of respectability politics, of our jobs, of our pasts, of our mistakes.  By virtue of being human beings, we all matter, and we all exist. Don’t apologize for living your life unabashedly as yourself. Not all of us can march on the front lines of justice or invent the next great technology or run the world because to tell you the truth just surviving on this earth is already hard as it is. As Ted speaker Asher Beckham said, “There is no harder, there is just hard. You matter, you matter, you matter. We all exist, we are all important.

And sometimes, ya just gotta have fun.

Since you’re flawless and all.

Love and theatre,


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