What More Is There To Say?

I have been struggling about what to post this week. The days since George Floyd’s murder was captured on camera have been scary, sad, infuriating, and all-too-familiar for black people who have become accustomed to seeing our siblings murdered by police. It reminds us of the many other people we have seen cut down by cops in system built on white supremacy. Breonna Taylor. Sandra Bland. Tamir Rice. Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin. Akai Gurley. Atatiana Jefferson. Tony McDade. Too many. Men, women, children, trans folks of all genders.

While I try to center joy in everything I write, I am holding space for the grief, despair, and fury many of us are dealing with right now. However you feel is valid. I see your pain and I am with you.

This month is Pride month. The first Pride was an uprising lead by queer and trans black and brown women. I will be centering queer black people in my posts this month. I will always stand up for my community. I am working on posts about queer black folks in theatre and a Juneteenth celebration of black American theatre. I’d love to hear what kinds of posts you’d like to see and if you’d like to share queer black theatres and theatremakers with me I’m all ears.

Black Lives Matter. Queer black folks. Trans black folks. Black women. Black girls. Black disabled people. Fat black people. Working class black people. Black elders. Black sex workers. All black lives matter. Let’s use this time to amplify and uplift black people from every walk of life. I love y’all.

In love and solidarity,

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