A Brief Catalog of Gratitude

I love Thanksgiving. I’d say it’s my favorite holiday, but I say that on Halloween and Christmas too. But really, Thanksgiving is wonderful because it’s all about family and food. No pressure of gift giving, no ornaments to break, no pine needles to sweep up. Just a feast with your loved ones. I love cooking almost as much as I love eating, and am (with a little trepidation) trying my hand at an apple galette this year, in addition to a fairly fail-proof sweet potato soufflé, and cremini mushrooms cooked with onions and extra dry sherry. Yum. In addition to food, I’ll be filled with gratitude. Selected recipients of thankfulness include:

To anyone reading this, may you eat lots of yummy food, hug your loved ones, try to practice gratitude more in your daily life, and take a big ol nap between seconds and thirds ❤

Love and theatre (and stuffing),


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