But Oh…Those Summer Nights!

Monday was the official first day of the summer. To which I say: WAHOOOOOOOO! Despite the fact that I’m a grown adult lady, I love summer as much as I did when I was six-years-old, drawing sidewalk chalk madterpieces. I love the sense of play that comes with warm weather and shorter skirts. I’ll never tire of Fourth of July fireworks, or sitting in the grass with a Popsicle, or day-long cookouts. Growing up outside of St. Louis, the muggy evenings crackled with lightning bugs and the occasional ferocious thunder storm. These fleeting months of perfect blushing apricots and never-ending afternoons sweep me back to a time when I was all hope and imagination. Nothing was impossible. 

I also love this time of year because I’m a summer baby. (This Sunday I turn 24). I love celebrating and party planning and I low-key love being the center of attention. Hey, I’m an actor, what did you expect? This Saturay a few girlfriends I are going to do brunch (prepared by yours truly) wine tasting, and tapas. Don’t be too jelly. 

These days I don’t have as much time to laze in the grass and I havent made a wildflower chain in 15 years. But summer still whispers to my spirit, “Come out and play. There’s magic out here.” 

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